Suman Rangappa DDS - Dental patients BEWARE !!!!!

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If you ever require ANY type of dental work and see the name

"Suman Rangappa" run dont walk, avoid any contact with this dentist.Five years ago I went to her to resolve some dental problems I was having.

She recommended a procedure and gave me a price. I agreed and started my visits. Thats when the horror started, I have been to other dentist but this one was so painful it was unbeleivable. Plus I had to pay after each visit.

Once the work had started I was trapped to try and finish. As soon as she fit me with tempory dentures I was out of there. She called me to come back in and I refused. Me cussing, screaming and pushing her away I guess wasn't enough of a clue.

Now I still wear the unfinished dentures and the top one is broke, so I have a three peace denture set. Now heres the topper, She hired an attorney and filed for payment. We went to court and I explained to the judge that she never completed thr procedure, and as usual, the judge sided with her and her lawyer. Now my credit report shows a lien of $2165.00 five of which is lawyers fees.

So I live with my unfinished broke dentures and will make do. Oh yea...her business was called "Gental Dental" (if you can beleive that)in LaPorte, Tx. and by the way.......IT'S CLOSED !!!!

What goes around comes around.

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First of all it's Gentle not Gental. Once I saw the the spelling mistake I discounted your story. I hope you were able to get new dentures but communication with your health care provider goes ways.

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DBill if you are located near any Dental Schools you can have your dental work done at greatly reduced cost.

The work is done by intern students under the close supervision of a Licensed Dentists. It may take a little longer but you will enjoy the attention you are given.


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